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What is the difference between satin and silk? Silk is a natural fiber that is produced from the cocoons of silkworms, offering a luxurious feel that is both soft to the touch and naturally hypoallergenic. Satin, on the other hand, is a weave that can be made from a variety of fibers, including silk, polyester, or nylon, giving it a glossy appearance. While satin made from synthetic fibers can mimic the sheen of silk, it often does not offer breathability, comfort, or quality. Additionally, satin made from synthetics will appear less refined and can look quite cheap compared to the elegant and rich appearance of genuine silk. At Serica Silk, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality silk products that exude luxury and sophistication, which simply cannot be replicated by satin weaves made from inferior materials.

What makes Serica Silk products unique? Our products are crafted from the highest quality 22 momme 100% mulberry silk, ensuring an unmatched level of luxury and durability. Our unique selling point is our specialization in silk and the promise of exclusivity with each purchase.

Can I return a product if I'm not satisfied? For our custom-tailored items such as silk shirts and abayas, returns are not accepted due to the personalization involved. However, we invite customers to consult with us before purchasing to find the perfect size. For bed sheets, pillowcases, and hijabs, we offer a 48-hour return policy from the time of delivery, provided the items are in their original condition.

How long will it take to receive my custom-tailored items? Custom-tailored items take approximately two weeks from order to delivery.

How can I ensure the perfect fit for my custom-tailored silk clothing? We recommend contacting us before placing your order. Our experts are available to advise on the best size and fit for your custom-tailored silk garments, ensuring perfection upon arrival.

Do you ship internationally? Currently, we serve clients within the GCC countries, Stay tuned for updates on international shipping options.

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